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Choose the best Flooring for your basement

Stamped Concrete Basement Floor A Basement Floor With Stamped Concrete That Replicates The Intricate

Long gone are days, when basements seemed to be an unflattering and night terror space. Now people tend to make the unfinished basement liveable by converting it into a functional space such as a living area for get togethers or a legal basement apartment to accommodate their loved ones. But one needs to match the right flooring with the purpose of the basement. So in this article, we’ll delve into details of how to choose suitable flooring, what factors to consider and what are the popular options for your basement.

What to consider before choosing the flooring of your basement?

Before leveling your basement floor, you need to thoroughly go through numerous flooring options depending on location and size of your basement to choose the one most suitable with your  vision. As it is beneath your main space, it may be exposed to more moisture, dampness and leakage make it  a cold and unwelcoming space. To overcome this, firstly, you need to check the quality and condition of your flooring. Is it even or have cracks? Is your Basement water seepage issue and humidity bothering you or is it a dry one? What do you want to convert your basement into? What’s your budget at the moment? etc. Therefore, you have to make sure to answer all of these questions clearly to avoid ripping off your floor in case of leaking and extreme moisture. Moreover, you can also check the flooring cost estimator in Canada, to get free quotes to get a clear idea of your budget in line with installation.

Prep your basement sub flooring

Having a flat, even and smooth basement subfloor is very important to install any flooring material properly. Having a uneven subfloor will lead to a poorly installation which may causes unwanted bumps cracks in future. So make sure that your subfloor is well prepared, cracks free and fully sealed to have a polished floor. Also ensure that you address any moisture /seepage issue if any.

What are the best flooring options and materials for your unfinished basement?

Market is  flooded with infinite flooring options now like carpet, vinyl, laminate, epoxy flooring etc. You may get confused which flooring is best for an uneven floor. But you need to choose the flooring option which suits with your preference, style and functionality at best. It also depends on how will you use your basement and for what purpose. So to help you out, we have come up with top four flooring options while keeping installation, budget, duration and reliability in mind. But before that, ensure that your basement subflooring is ready for that installation. So let’s get right into our best basement flooring ideas and options and their pros and cons respectively.

Carpets : A way to the feel of comfort

If you want to have a cozy and comfortable underfoot experience, you can opt for carpet. They not only create a welcoming and warm experience but also enhance overall aesthetic of home while providing good insulation. However, choose carpet as flooring only when you have a dry basement all year round. If your basement is suffering from water issues such as broken sump pump, moisture, poor drainage etc. then it is better to go for any other option than carpet.


  • Affordable flooring to put over the concrete in basement
  • Comes in various aesthetic designs and patterns to jazz up your basement
  • Very easy to install
  • Give a cozy and soft feel underfoot
  • Have insulation factor, so to comfort you with more warmth in extreme weather


  • High maintenance: need a lot of time to deep clean
  • Not moisture resistant which may lead to mold formation
  • Can cause allergies such as pollen, dust etc.
  • Once stained, very difficult to remove it
A Plush Neutral Colored Carpet In A Basement Creating A Cozy And Inviting Atmosphere

Vinyl flooring : Suitable for all flooring

 vinyl flooring in basement has gained a huge popularity in recent years. It has come with beautiful designs/patterns which gives more aesthetic appeal to your home. Its major advantage is its durability and strength to withstand water issues, leakage and dampness. It is highly resistable against stains, scratches and mositure. But it highly relies on a proper prep of subfloor. Imperfect slab/ floor leads to slab installation. So a proper installation need to be taken care for a perfect flooring.

Vinyl Flooring In A Basement That Resembles Natural Wood Planks Creating A Warm And Inviting Atmosp


  • Say goodbye to dampness, as vinyl flooring in basement is excellent moisture and scratches resistant
  • Wide range of patterns and mesmerizing designs
  • Very budget friendly and easy to clean
  • Better water protection than carpet


  • Subflooring preparation is needed extensively before its installation.
  • Can not stand heavy furniture or sharp objects leading to cracks in floor
  • Its repairing is limited

Laminate & hardwood flooring : where durability meets affordability

Laminate and hardwood flooring offers so much benefits including giving a high end look, scratch free material, easy maintenance, easy to clean, affordable and vice versa. Hardwood is made up of organic natural material such as oak, wood wtc while laminate flooring comprises of unnatural or synthetic materials.  But laminate flooring is not an excellent water resistant. If water or any liquid stays for too long, or you have a humid basement, ultimately floor will not withstand it well and the floor will swell, bubble or damage and you will be left with no choice than to replace it.


  • Very durable and cost to install laminate floor is quite reasonable
  • Enhanced aesthetic appeal with beautiful designs
  • More tolerant of moisture, burn and stains
  • Installation is easy with low maintenance


  • Not adding value to house resale
  • Can’t be repaired and need to be replaced if it’s damaged
  • Not a real wood, so it may not give you the exact warmth and feel that you want
A Close Up Image Of Wood Look Laminate Flooring With A Rich Grain Texture Offering A Warm And Rusti

Concrete: Elevate your space with concrete resilience

If you are looking for a budget friendly material which will provide you with exception longevity and durability, then concrete is the answer. It is highly moisture/mold and fire resistant with easy maintenance. It has also has different types so you need to select what type of concrete you will need to patch floor of your basement. However, it doesn’t provide much exquisite designs and have limited aesthetic alternatives. Similarly, it gives off a very cold feel and if not properly installed, can suffer with cracks and unevenness.

Polished Concrete Basement Floor A Glossy And Contemporary Concrete Floor With A Mirror Like Finish


  • Levelling concrete on basement means a very long lasting and durable choice
  • Properly sealed concrete with adhesive show great moisture and crack resilience
  • Subflooring is not required
  • Easily install without blowing your budget


  • If not properly made, may develop cracks over time
  • Very cold and hard devoicing of a comfortable warm feel
  • Designs and patterns are way too limited

Ceramic tile : Best choice for timeless elegance

When choosing flooring options for unfinished basement, you can also choose exquisite ceramic tiles. There are beautiful, good in immersion, long lasting and moisture resistant. But it’s major drawbacks are its initial cost and temperature. Even in extreme winter, it doesn’t provide a warm comfort underfoot and is quiet cold. Similarly, it’s cost to install is much higher than other flooring options so people usually choose its budget friendly alternatives.


  • Long lasting and durable
  • Gives lavish and stylish look
  • Comes in very beautiful designs, sizes and patterns
  • Resistant to stains and moisture


  • Installation cost is higher
  • Hard and cold underfoot
  • It’s time consuming
Contemporary Large Format Ceramic Tile Basement Floor Modern And Spacious This Basement Boasts Large Format Ceramic Tiles For A Clean And Contemporary Look

Epoxy flooring: Your way to glossy surface

Epoxy flooring offers a very lustrous and polished look to your basement. It is quiet water and stains proof and don’t require high maintenance to keep up its shiny surface. A 100% solid composition with no solvents is an ideal durable epoxy because it dries with the same thickness as applied. One major disadvantage of epoxy flooring is that it is very cold and hard, adding discomfort in extreme weathers. So it may give your basement more of a urban, industrial look than a contemporary and warm look to your basement.

High Gloss Polished Epoxy Basement Floor This Polished Epoxy Floor Exudes A Radiant Shine Reflecting The Surroundings And Enhancing The Basement S Luminosity


  • Highly durable
  • Looks expensive and high end
  • Gives glossy and shiny appearance
  • Easy to clean


  • Initial cost may be high
  • If wet, it can be slippery
  • Have a cold and hard surface

Things to keep in mind when choosing basement flooring

Is it durable and longlasting?

Whenever you are choosing basement floor, you should be clear about the usage of that basement and how long lasting the flooring will be. A basement gym may need different flooring than a kids play area or a sauna. So keep durability and longevity of the floor to avoid the Hussle of changing it intervalley.

Is it moisture resistant?

If you have humid basement or waters comes from the floor, pick a flooring which is moisture resistant such as vinyl or concrete. If a broken sump pump, seepage, mold and seepage are damaging your basement, opt for a flooring option which is resilient in handling all these issues.

Is it providing ease and comfort?

Many flooring options like carpets offer phenomenal comfort and ease. Conversely, some flooring types like concrete or tiles feel much colder and harder underfoot. So it’s better to choose flooring specific to your spaces such as bedroom, gym, office and their comfort needs.

Is in warm and cozy enough?

Where temperature tends to be cooler concrete or tiles etc will not warm it up. But materials including wood, carpet etc can provide a cozy and warm ambiance. So choose your basement flooring while Keeping temperature of your area in mind.

Find your dream flooring option with us

If your basement is also uneven or you want to renovate your basement with a stylish and modern look, you can explore other floor ideas like these to get the one which suits you the best. We understand the impact of smooth and attractive flooring on the overall look of basement and therefore we finish your basement floor with the best materials catering to your specific needs. So give us a call, and remodel your with the utmost quality flooring and construction solutions from our basement renovation contractors now.

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