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Fort Erie Basement Renovations

Fort Erie Basement Apartment Renovation

Old Fort Erie, which is situated near Niagara Falls, is a popular historical landmark. This site is designated as a National Historical Site, and it offers much more than just a tourist attraction. Have you ever considered of taking advantages of this prime location and transforming your basement in Fort Erie? It turns out that basement renovation Fort Erie comes with many benefits. Due to its proximity to Niagara Falls, Fort Erie receives a large amount of visitors who are interested in exploring the city’s history and unique places. Interestingly, many tourists prefer to stay in Fort Erie, especially with the availability of boat cruises such as Buffalo Boat Cruises and Big Kahuna Tiki Tours. Just imagine how you can enjoy extra cash by turning your unutilized basement into a cozy Airbnb or a trendy rental space.

Converting the extra space in your home into a money making asset is an excellent idea! If your basement needs renovation, our company can help you. We are the best basement renovation contractors in Fort Erie known for customized basement renovations solutions cater to your needs.. Give us a call, and let’s make your basement into a useful, profitable and functional space!

Fort Erie Basement Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Area Cellar Renovation

With our Fort Erie Basement Kitchen Renovation services, you will be experiencing the heights of cuisine beauty. Our restorations in Fort Erie not only prioritize utility and appearance, but also represent the distinct appeal and identity of this dynamic neighborhood. Our knowledge promotes Fort Erie’s distinct personality, assuring that your basement kitchen is a harmonic combination of beauty and contemporary style. From cutting-edge equipment to sophisticated design features, our experience celebrates Fort Erie’s distinctive charisma, making your basement kitchen is an ideal combination of beauty and elegance.

A good kitchen remodeling allows you to create a statement with the inside of your house. Everyone likes to make their home appear nice and appealing, and the kitchen is one of the most important aspects of everyone’s home. On the other hand, a well-remodeled kitchen assists you in keeping your home clean and attractive.So, whether your basement is spacious or not, we’ll ensure to make the use of the space and create kitchen to let you enjoy some memorable food with your loved ones.

A basement kitchen can also be a very functional space, if you are renting out your basement you have guests coming over. Basement kitchen can surely provide them convenience and privacy to prepare food in the dedicated space rather than worrying about sharing it with you.


A compact kitchenette area in addition with a well built bedroom and bathroom can positively impact your property’s value and boost the number of potential tenants. A well structured basement apartments can allow the homeowners to enjoy financial gains through rentals and pay off their mortgage and property expenses sooner.

Hence, a basement kitchen renovation comes with numerous benefits. So if you are also planning to start basement renovation journey, you can contact us any time. SAWW Group will make sure to determine position of your kitchen after analyzing the space, to give you a well proportioned desired basement kitchen of your own.

Say good bye to delays. Give us a call today end turn your basement kitchen dream into reality now.

Fort Erie Basement Apartment Renovation

Converting your basement into an apartment is a terrific idea if you don’t frequently use your basement but have a lot of room or if your basement is just incomplete.  With our Fort Erie Basement Apartment Renovation services, you may explore potential for more room for living. We seek to create comfortable and attractive apartments that complement the town’s unique personality.

Who doesn’t like an additional income? You can also earn steady source of income by converting your unfinished basement into a legal basement suite. With proper rooms, compact bathroom, kitchen and living space, you can enjoy rental payments through your tenants or enjoy financial gains by making it an Airbnb unit. So turn your basement into a basement apartment and make an excellent financial investment at comfort of your home now.

If you have a small basement, we are there to help you out. Our renovation experts will ensure to use all the unconventional spaces and refinish your basement with space effective designs. Hence, you can trust us to convert your basement into an ideal and comfy place as you desire.

A basement permit is a must for your basement renovation process. So, our legal team will be there to handle all your paperwork and ensure that all the renovation processes are upto code and zoning laws of Fort Erie and in the end you’ll have a safe, secure and legal basement apartment of your own.

Ready to earn more income and expand your living space without moving? Schedule a meeting and our team will surely create a functional and profitable basement apartment for you in the scheduled time.

Another Bathroom

Fort Erie basement fireplace renovation

Adding a fireplace in your basement can drastically enhance the visual appeal of your home. So if you don’t have a fireplace or have an old outdated one, you are at the right place for your fireplace renovation.

You can create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere in your basement with our services. The distinctive character of Fort Erie basement is at the center of our fireplace restorations, whether we are building a new fireplace or remodeling an old one. Experience warmth and charm with our professional fireplace restorations, designed to match Fort Erie’s unique charm.

There are several fireplace ideas that you can choose. You can install a custom build fireplace or ready to install one, it all depends on your choice. But if you are confused which style to pick not, worry not. Our professionals will assist you to choose the best fireplace designs in line with aesthetic and overall theme of your basement.

Safety in fireplace installation is also a crucial step which can’t be neglected. The wood fireplace makes a crackling sound that might enhance the whole experience. It is also perfectly safe to use and may be designed with a fire screen to keep dangerous sparks away. With a gas fireplace, you can turn it on with only one finger, making it even safer to have in your home, workplace or cottage. Whatever you choose, our experts ensure that you have a well secured, code abided and properly ventilated fireplace to enjoy unforgettable moments with your loved ones at the cozy space.

Basement in-law suite renovation in fort Erie

You can transform your basement into an attractive in-law suite with our Fort Erie Basement In-Law Suite Renovation services. Our renovations, which originate in the communal atmosphere of Fort Erie, not only focus on usefulness but also reflect the particular charm that makes your guests feel welcomed and homey.

Our in-law suite renovations are designed to give comfort and reflect the warmth and enables you to see one other more regularly. Trips and holiday celebrations are going to get a lot more exciting when you’re right there to create new memories with each other.

Outside Of Rooms

Fort Erie basement office renovation

Many people work from their homes. They don’t have to go to any office or workplace and stay at home. For them, an amazing basement office renovation can be a great option.

You can turn your basement into a productive refuge. Sitting in a boring workplace with destruction can negatively impact your creativity and performance. So to enhance your productivity, you can create a secluded office space of your own in the basement. For latest trends or preferred styles, you can freely contact us and our professionals will ensure to make the basement office of your desires.

A well-planned and executed home office renovation will not only enhance the practicality and comfort of your basement office, but it can also boost its value if you ever decide to sell it. They also help your house stand out in the market, attracting more potential buyers.

Whether you have a smaller or spacious basement, let our professionals handle all your office renovation work to maximize your productivity at its best.

Basement rec-room renovation in Fort Erie

A rec room basement renovation in Fort Erie is a great approach to reviving your basement. Our renovations concentrate on building rec rooms that are not only trendy but also represent the dynamic mentality of the residents, in order to embrace Fort Erie’s vibrant ambiance. From game rooms to relaxing areas, our rec-room renovations are designed for optimum pleasure while highlighting the unique character of Fort Erie.

Moreover, it also increased property value, a personalized room that reflects your personality, and an adaptable place that is able to adjust to changing demands over time. This renovated room transforms into a haven within your house, giving the ideal escape to relax and have fun.

Theatre Room
Basement Theatre

Fort Erie basement family room

Throughout the year, the fort Erie offers a variety of cultural events. These occasions highlight the liveliness of the town and provide an opportunity for tourists and citizens to spend time together. With our Fort Erie Basement Family Room renovations, you can create a warm and comfortable meeting room.

With several guests coming over, a primary living area can feel congested and cluttered. So to attend your guests, a dedicated basement family room with comfy seats can be a great idea. In this way, primary family room also remain tidy and guests also enjoy space and comfort.

Our renovations prioritize ease and community, infused with the family warmth that differentiate Fort Erie. Our family room enhancements, from soft seating to warm lighting, offer an area where memories come together. So give us a call today, and let start with your family room renovation.

Fort Erie basement work out room gym renovation

Create a space that allows you to workout directly from your basement in Fort Erie and achieve your fitness goals.

Whether you are a fitness enthusiasts  or a newbie trying to achieve a certain fitness goal, having a dedicated basement gym can be a splendid option for you. Our experts deal with basement gym renovation from cutting-edge equipment to stimulating design, to create an amazing working environment for you.

Going to gym can be very difficult due to a number of reasons. Your gym is may far from your home, your working hours don’t match with gym hours, you have to wait in long queues to use equipments or the fatigue of costly membership fee. To avoid all these issue, you can create a fitness haven at the comfort of your home.

While you are setting up your home gym, check out our amazing Home Gym Décor Ideas that you’ll wish you had. With our comprehensive renovation services, we make sure to create a space effective designs an consider your space dimensions to create a perfect gym location. Our experts also choose customized trends eg features walls, compact storage units for equipment, recessed lighting, LED strips, good sound system, comfortable flooring etc. to provide you with the best home gym experience as possible.

Fort Erie basement sauna renovation

Saunas are commonly constructed in basements because they give a large enough space. If you are interested in restoring your basement but aren’t sure what you want, a sauna might be an excellent choice. We’ll find out exactly what you want in terms of space and also warmth in order to deliver the greatest transformation potential. The benefits of an infrared sauna are the primary reason homeowners eventually decide to get one.

It helps to improve your immune system, sleep better, look younger, and reduce weight. This is only a partial list of the benefits of using a sauna. Even better, you don’t have to pay to travel to a spa to get it done. You already have a sauna that you may use whenever you want.You can choose electric or gas, with or without floor drain depending on your choices, and we will make to fulfil your expectations.

Basement waterproofing & crawl space repair in fort Erie

Crawl spaces are popular in regions where a full basement is difficult because of soil or water level factors. With our experienced Basement Waterproofing and Crawl Space Repair services, you can ensure the life of your Fort Erie basement. We specialize in protecting the underlying structure of your space and are grounded in a dedication to others. Through weatherproofing solutions to accurate crawl space repairs, our services reflect the spirit of stability and efficiency. Trust us to protect your Fort Erie basement with superior workmanship and long-lasting solutions.

Structural & foundation repair in fort Erie

Structural and Foundation Repair in Fort Erie basement renovation may help you strengthen the core of your home. To guarantee the long-term viability of your space, we concentrate on building barriers and base concerns, reflecting the tenacity of our community.

 Our services emphasize the long-term strength that distinguishes Fort Erie, from rigorous examinations to customized repair solutions. Trust us for painstaking workmanship and knowledgeable solutions that will strengthen the foundation of your Fort Erie property. also provide solutions. Here are some options that may be included in your Structural and Foundation Repair in Fort Erie:

  • Foundation Crack Repair
  • Underpinning and Foundation Leveling
  • Waterproofing Solutions
  • Sump Pump Installation and Drainage Improvements

Fort Erie sump pump installation & replacement

We recommend the installation of a sump pump system in regions prone to water collection. This aids in the management of water and reduces the chance of moisture-related foundation decline. With our Sump Pump Installation and Replacement services, you can protect your Fort Erie basement from water incursion.

We specialize in providing effective and dependable sump pump solutions since we are rooted in the protective spirit of our community. Whether it’s a new installation, our services are customized to  particular requirements, offering an effective barrier from possible water damage. Call us to keep your Fort Erie basement dry and safe at all times. Following are some sump pump services and products:

  • Sump Pump Installation
  • Sump Pump Replacement
  • Battery Backup Systems
  • Sump Pump Maintenance

We hope that this article has helped you to explore essential features and benefits of Fort Erie Basement Renovation. Now, if you also want a dreamy space of your own, choose basement contractors near me and contact us anytime for free consultation and quote for your renovation project.

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