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Benefits of waterproofing your basement

Addressing water damage issues in your basement is a crucial aspect to creating a comfortable and dry living space.

Basements are usually prone to moisture issues which can cause water damages, seepages and pest growth. So to counter it, waterproofing is a one stop solution to help the homeowners in creating a moisture free living space. So in this article, we’ll provide you with a detailed guide on the importance of waterproofing, common myths surrounding it and how much it costs to waterproof your basement in Canada?

Waterproofing Membrane Application A Close Up Of A Technician Applying A Waterproofing Membrane To Basement Walls For A Secure And Moisture Resistant Seal

What is the importance of waterproofing in your basement?

Basements have a lot of potential to become a functional, livable and useful addition to your home. It can become a legal basement apartment, a home theatre, a relaxing sauna, compact kitchen with living area etc. depending on your preferences.

However, basement flooding is a real problem which not only affects the walls, floors but also weakens the foundation. However, most homeowners tend towards waterproofing only when a problem becomes unavoidable. And this delayed maintenance can cost you time and may exceed your maintenance budget.

A dampness in basement with water leakage through walls, floors etc. can contribute to increased mildew and mold growth, damaging your overall structure as well as causing an imminent risk to your health. So it’s better to adopt a proactive approach and secure your basement with proper waterproofing and moist control measures.

However, firstly you need to understand the basic indicators of a humid basement, in order to get comprehensive waterproofing solutions from professional basement finishing contractors in Canada for your specific issues.

Basic indicators that your basement needs foundation waterproofing

Noticeable cracks in walls and floors

If you see gaps, fissures and apparent cracks in walls and floors, that indicates accumulation of water in your basement which needs proper waterproofing.

Musty and bad odor in basement

Due to excessive moisture in humid space, you can experience a very damp and moldy smell in your basement.

Wet walls and stains

You can notice wet walls or visible white stains on your basement walls which suggest that your basement is facing a water seepage issue.

Damaged and damp floor

If you feel that your flooring like hardwood ,laminate is starting to swelling, deform or damage and carpet is wet with a musty smell, it indicates the potential risk of leakage through floors.

Standing water

If water stays in the form of puddles on your basement floor, it’s a clear sign that your basement is troubled by water damage issues and needs to be prevented urgently.

Mold growth on surfaces

Uncontrolled moisture and poor ventilation can lead to infestation of mold in a basement leading not only to a fragile foundation but also posing serious health hazards.

Inadequate insulation

Limited to no insulation can cause differences in exterior and interior temperatures of walls leading to condensation and potential risk of water penetration in the basement.

What are some common myths about waterproofing?

Basement Interior Drainage System An Image Of A Basement With An Installed Drainage System Beneath The Floor Effectively Diverting Water From The Foundation

Many homeowners neglect the fact that waterproofing is as important as proper ventilation and insulation in your finished basement. Therefore to get rid of moisture in the basement and get damp basement solutions, you need to adopt extensive waterproofing services. However, here are some myths that usually hold back homeowners from this vital water treatment. Let’s take a look

Waterproofing is very expensive

Some are of the view that the cost to waterproof a basement is very high. But in reality it totally depends on how much work needs to be done and what process you choose.

Only old basements need waterproofing

Only old homes and basements suffer from water seepage issues which is totally wrong. Because even in new properties, water, moisture, mold on walls etc. can be an issue due to poor drainage, sump pump, bad insulation etc.

Painting the walls is best solution

Major myth is that paint for walls in the basement can prevent the space from being all moist and damp. But factually, paint can be a temporary solution but not a permanent one because its penetration in walls is not deep enough to curb the moisture.

Waterproofing is important only for damaged area

Many homeowners assume that if your damaged area is sealed properly, that means farewell to all water leakage issues. However, leaks through basement walls, floors or moist can be entered in the basement through other ways, causing more potential threat. So a proper in depth waterproofing of a full basement is a must.

Top benefits of waterproofing your basement

Waterproofing your basement and moisture control offers you numerous benefits including shielding your space from unwanted mold growth, strengthening the foundation, minimizing the maintenance cost, increasing property’s value, boosting the lifespan of the basement and much more. But here are some major benefits that you can get after all inclusive waterproof services.

Prevent the basement from water damage and flooding

Waterproofing secures your space from the water seepage, musty odor, visible cracks and leaks which are deteriorating your basement.

When the water issue is not resolved, it can continuously harm your basement specially if you live in flood prone areas. But waterproofing systems such as sump pumps can help to keep your belongings in the basement dry by diverting the excessive water.

Add value to finished basement

A fully waterproofed basement with a strong foundation can be more eye-catching than a damp place if you go for basement rentals or from the selling point of view.

From a practical lens, It can also give your well protected basement an upper hand on surrounding properties in your locality which don’t have a waterproof system.

Similarly, for personal usage, it can be a very useful part of your home serving as a storage unit, living area, home gym relying on your priorities.

Reduce your maintenance costs

Having a mold infested and humid basement will require you to go for an expensive repair burdening your pocket and budget down the road. These extensive repairs can boom in case of flood damaging your overall foundation.

To overcome this, as a good financial move, waterproofing your basement through a professional contractor can save you from all the extravagant maintenance and repairs in the longer run.

Prevention from pests and molds

Wet and humid basements lead to more molds and pests to grow. But if nothing is done to curb the infestation of mold and mildew in the basement, it can cost homeowners with premium repairs and time consuming treatments afterwards.

They can also be a very dangerous threat to the health and wellbeing of the residents. So waterproofing and proper moist control is essential to stop mold from your basement and avoid potential issues that they can cause.

Optimized indoor environment

A moist basement with cracks and leaks all over the place can contribute to an unwanted smell in the basement. Also molds and mildew releasing detrimental allergen spores in air can also to Asthma or respiratory diseases and badly affect the indoor air quality of the basement. So waterproofing solutions preventing the growth of molds can ultimately enhance the indoor air quality by saving the basement from bad odor, humidness and mold growth due to seepage.

How much does it cost to waterproof a basement?

Basement Waterproofing Transformation A Visual Comparison Of A Previously Damp And Vulnerable Basement Turned Into A Dry And Secure Space Through Effective Waterproofing

It is significant to understand the cost of a waterproof basement in Canada. But it depends on various factors such as location, your basement size, degree of your problem, what waterproof system needs to be adopted etc. It can also vary from a small repair to a long repair depending on the degree of damage that has occurred. Exterior or interior waterproof treatment also differs in expenses in terms of severity of damage. So to get a clear idea for your basement and budget required, you can get a clear idea, from cost to waterproof basement calculator in Canada and get free quotes from the reliable contractors.

Basement Finishing Cost Calculator

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