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DIY vs Professional Contractors for Basement Finishing

A Visual Comparison Of A Basement Before And After Finishing The Before Image Shows An Unfinished Cluttered Basement With Exposed Concrete Pipes And Bare Walls

Homeowners are waking up to the fact that the space underneath has the potential to be a great additional space as well as a way to boost their income and property’s value. Given that, they want to renovate their basement in multifunctional zones such as a legal basement apartment to rent on, a compact bathroom with a cozy bedroom, a devoted area for children playroom, a home gym etc. to make the most use of their utilized space and transform it into an income generation asset.

But the average cost to finish a basement depends on usage of the basement like what purpose will it serve? But hiring a pro or diy has their own pros and cons. So in this article we will highlight major benefits and drawbacks along with costs of diy or professional hiring for finishing the basement respectively.

Pros of doing it yourself

A Photograph Of A Homeowner In Work Attire Holding Construction Tools While Standing In An Unfinished Basement With Exposed Studs And Concrete Floor The Homeowner Is Installing Insulation

Lesser upfront costs

When you opt for a diy to renovate your basement, it instantly saves you from the enormous labour costs and time taking process. In this case, you are incharge of everything, so you can invest more on quality flooring materials like luxurious ceramic tiles , exquisite furniture, shiny cabinets for kitchenette etc. to give your basement a more sophisticated look.

So a diy can help you save a bunch of money and time. Therefore, you can afford more things which were not possible before.

Family and friends as helping hands

Want to make your unfinished basement livable and also want to spend time with your loved ones? So here’s the deal, you can remodel your basement with the involvement of your family & friends which can become a cherishing memory for life. Moreover, you’ll get cheap labor to help you renovate your basement as well as a group of closed ones who can give you valuable opinions regarding your project.

No time pressure

When you are transforming your basement all by yourself, you are not bound by any calendar. You can complete all the steps at your own pace. So you don’t have to worry about additional costs to be given to professional contractors if they do overtime.

You can adjust your time according to your routine, or work more on weekends to finish your basement timely.

Cons of Diy

One of the major necessities of a diy basement is the knowledge of basic construction skills. If you are a newbie, then it can be an extremely complex project to be completed properly. Here are some major disadvantages of a diy basement.

Waterproofing and moisture issue

Waterproofing issues can be a very serious threat to the foundation of your home. Water leaking into the basement can not only weaken the walls, floors and foundation of your home but also lead to undesirable mold growth that can cause serious respiratory issues. Tackling this issue on your own is almost impossible.

So it is highly advisable to hire a professional basement renovation contractor, who can deal with the severe waterproofing issue and provide comprehensive solutions to create a moist free living space.

Hidden costs

A lot of costs are linked with remodeling your basement. It not only includes material costs but encompasses building permits to finish your basement, electric/plumbing costs, waterproofing system, repairing costs and list goes on.

So if you are not well equipped with all construction details, you can waste more of your investment on unexpected costs rather than finishing your basement on a budget.

Time is up and pressure is more

Time required to buy materials, complete plumbing work, learning skills for framing, painting, levelling the basement floor etc can add time to your project. You may also spend additional time on fixing your mistakes or redoing something in a proper way. That can lead to time management issues and you can feel the pressure to complete it perfectly.

So to overcome these worries, it’s better to hire a pro who will be responsible for transforming your basement into a useful place from start to end.

Lastly! It can be said that diy is suitable for those who have a knack for constructions. A beginner with zero experience shouldn’t go for this complex project without being pre prepared. Additionally, electric/plumbing permits, all paperwork saga etc can be very problematic to be handled on your own.

Perks of hiring a professional basement finishing contractor

Quality workmanship

When you hire a basement remodeling contractor, you just have to elaborate what you want the basement to be in the end, your vision about the design/layout, your budget range and preferable timeline. You don’t have to worry about supplies, purchases, managing people, doing complex electric / plumbing work etc and just have to let your experienced contractor do it according to your requirements. You can relax and supervise your contractor converting your basement into a functional space of your dream.

Basement renovation in time

Contractors are pro at their jobs. They have a vast record of renovating basements for so many times. So for basement makeovers on a budget, you can consult a professional contractor who is expert in doing it timely with perfect craftsmanship. Secondly a diy basement can take so much longer because you have to do it all on your own. Therefore, for fine artisanship and quality work, choose the best contractors to finish your basement professionally.

Safety guaranteed

Basement designers have expertise in renovating the basement several times. Given that, they are aware of all the crucial safety/security that need to be fulfilled in order to avoid any misfortune. Their meticulous attention to detail in basement finishing steps lead to protection of family in future. So you can hire contractors to create a well protected space of your own.

Cost to finish your basement: DIY vs Professional Basement Contractors


Cost of DIY Basement Finishing

If you are going to do basement finishing by yourself, you can save labor or material costs. But you can not ignore unexpected costs that can come in your way in this process. If you go for a very basic remodeling project, it may fall from $5000 to $10000. However, if you are fully renovating your basement or adding more units into it, it can cost way more than that.

Here’s some of the expenses that need to be kept in mind while a diy basement renovation.

  • Framing basement cost including framing the walls of your basement or framing egress windows of your bedroom place.
  • Cost of installing drywall
  • Cost of basement ceiling installation
  • Upgrading your plumbing or electric work
  • Cost to get a building permit to finish your basement
  • Going for waterproofing your basement to control moisture and the list goes on.

Other than that, you may also need to fix your mistake while levelling your floor or you discover any hidden structural/ foundation repairs issue that can cost you more money and time.

Basement Remodeling Cost by a Professional

A finished basement cost can depend on various factors like location, your space size, cost of materials/labors etc. But you need to look at the bigger picture. Don’t think of remodeling your basement as an expense or waste of money. Rather you can think of it as an investment because you can surely get good enough from return on investment.

A well maintained basement can become a potential opportunity to enjoy a steady source of income. You can go for renting your basement suite to generate more income from short term or long term rentals. Other than that, you can also enjoy more financial gains if you list your basement on Airbnb

What should you choose?

Diy is not a good choice for everyone. Especially if you are an amateur in construction. DIY may seem attractive for budget friendly choice or no labor cost at all in the start. But later on, you may expect more complex framing/plumbing work or hidden costs like structural issues, water seepage, permits costs on the way which can cost you a lot of money and your precious time.

Hiring a pro means you don’t have to worry about anything. You can get a detailed layout of your place, a basement renovation cost estimator to get free quotes and renovate your basement on budget.

Contractors are also experts in handling all paperwork of obtaining permits. So you can also get a sigh of relief that everything is being done in line with local codes and they are fulfilling all requirements to make a legal basement so you don’t have to pay excessive penalties or fines down the road.

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