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Top Lighting Ideas in Canada


The Importance Role Of Well Lit Kitchens In Canadian Homes By Saww Group

The importance & role of well-lit kitchens in Canadian homes

Sharp kinds of stuff and hot things in the kitchen while preparing meals or cutting veggies could be harmful because of low lights. Improving the lights and keeping yourself safe.

Make your kitchen a bright place for family at the time of having dinner. In Canada, Winters bring darkness in kitchens, so extra lights are very important at that time.

While cleaning the kitchen, you can easily look for spots and dirt with good lights.

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Understanding Canadian Kitchen Lighting Trends

Current trends in kitchen lighting & Types in Canada

RGB Led puck lights with the remote

Lighting Ideas

LED strip lights under the cabinets 


Dimmer Light By Saww Group 1

Pot lights

Pot Lights By Saww Group 1

Ceiling fixtures

Ceiling Fixtures By Saww Group 1

Pendant lights

Pendant Lights By Saww Group 1


Channdellers Lighting By Saww Group 1

LED vs. Traditional Lighting

Led Vs. Traditional Lighting By Saww Group
Less EnergyHigher Energy
9 Watts60 Watts
Higher LumensLess Lumens
More lifespanShorter lifespan
Generates Less heatGenerates Higher heat

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Tips for Maximizing Natural Light 

Tips For Maximizing Natural Light By Saww Group

Try to add Mirrors or glass panels on cabinets to maximize the natural light. If you position them across from the windows, they will reflect the lights and also find furniture with a mirror.

You can also paint with bright colors on the walls, ceiling and use peel or stick papers on walls in your kitchen.

Also, window egress can be added to get natural light directly from outside.

Creating Ambiance with Lighting 

Creating Ambiance With Lighting By Saww Group

Explore how lighting can set the mood in the kitchen

Mood is very important, and Good lighting can bring different effects on our moods, which could be happy or sleepy; lighting is a little thing, but it makes a big change.

Consumers say Bright lighting changes our moods to happy and relaxed, and dimmer and hue lighting changes sleepy mood.

Discuss the use of dimmers and smart lighting systems


The dimmer is usually in the wall, but there are remotely controllable ones now that can be in the ceiling or even part of the bulbs like in Smart Bulbs, which limits the amount of power.

Smart lighting systems:

You can smartly control the lighting, like controlling through a remote, which is great. Still, if you want more smart automation lighting control, then you can change the smart switches. They interact with other devices and sensors in your house to turn on and off when needed on their own. It’s nice walking down the hallway and having your stairway light turn on dimmed to 5% at 2 a.m., then walking into the kitchen to get a drink of water. The cabinet lights are already on and dimmed to a comfortable brightness at certain times to save power.

Maintenance and Safety Tips

Maintenance And Safety Tips By Saww Group

Offer guidance on maintaining kitchen lighting fixtures

As a professional cleaner, dish soap and a sponge will get this clean. It’s also easier if you can remove the glass from the fixture and take the lighting fixtures to the shower to rinse properly.

Dawn, baking soda, and a bit of water to make a thick paste. Apply and put a paper towel on top. After 10 minutes or so, It should come right off.

Highlight safety measures for electrical components

  • Avoid exposing hazardous voltages; encase them within protective covers or barriers.
  • Keep devices turned off when not in use, especially when dealing with high-voltage components.
  • Different countries have different mains voltage standards (e.g., 110V in the US, 220V in many places, ~90V in Japan). Ensure your equipment works in all these conditions if needed.
  • Always follow strict protocols when switching mains power on or off to prevent accidents.

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