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Long ago , basements were used not more than the storage area. But now homeowners have realized its potential and they are renovating their basements with unique ideas/designs tailoring to their preferences without breaking their banks.

Basements are no more left as unused, dark and cluttered space. For some, it has become a functional living space to welcome guests and enjoy family time together. Some people are finishing their basement into modern suites to enhance their income . Others choose to make it a dedicated kids play room to let their kids have their own dedicated fun space or to build a basement gym for fitness enthusiasts depending on space, location and budget. Here goes the list of wonderful ideas you can execute through our professionals and make your vision into reality.

Persoanl Basement By Saww Group
Basement Gym By Saww Group


If you are a fitness lover, you would surely love to renovate your basement and have an easily accessible, destruction free environment to workout. Wasting your time in travelling to gym, monthly gym fee,

Dealing with crowds, sharing the same equipment with others, and having no peaceful environment can drive you crazy.

So building a gym in your basement can provide you with several benefits. It will not only be 24/7 available to you but will ensure a perfect setting tailored to your fitness goals and priorities. So if you are looking forward to setting up a home gym, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll make sure to build it flawlessly with the best flooring for the gym,suitable ceiling height of the basement and ventilation to let natural light and fresh air come to your home gym space.


Building a sauna in your basement can provide you with a spa-like experience to relax at the comfort of your home. But some points should be taken into consideration before remodeling your space. For instance, proper ventilation, increased ceiling height, putting a window egress to bring natural light into your basement, proper ventilation, easy access to outdoors during rounds to ensure safety. So if you want a private space for your relaxation all year round,

give us a call and we’ll help you with detailed layout, cost assessment and exceptional services to provide your dream basement sauna on a budget.

Basement Sauna By Saww Group
Basement Theatre By Saww Group


If you want to finish your basement into a home theatre on a budget, it can provide you various advantages. You and your family can enjoy watching movies, sports or seasons and spend quality time together. But for endless hours of amazing cinematic experience, you should design a proper layout for best results. But no need to worry. We are here to help you set up a cozy theatre for you. Our services will include proper soundproofing of ceiling in your basement, noise reduction treatment in basement, designated outlet places, leveled flooring, efficient lighting and much more, let us know and get amazing home theatre ideas now.


We understand that in this fast growing world, you should have diverse income streams to survive. So building a legal apartment in your basement can help you with that. As a smart financial move, you can redo your basement in a legal guest suite to not only generate your income through renting it out but also to add value to your home. Also you can rent it on Airbnb for a steady source of income and to pay off your mortgage loans. So do not delay and let our professionals renovate your basement in a functional basement apartment for your financial/personal gains.

Basement Apartment By Saww Group
Warranty By Saww Group


  • Certified professionals and experts team for each project
  • Customized and Innovative solutions catering your preferences
  • In depth basement design layout with detailed cost assessment beforehand
  • Top of the line products and quality materials to ensure sustainability
  • Proven record of excellence from previous projects
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